GameStop sells Demigod copies early, forces dev into releasing digital version immediately

Retailer GameStop has inexplicably started selling copies of Demigod a few days before its planned release on Tuesday.

Along with allowing people to get their hands on the game days before it was supposed to hit shelves, The action has coaxed developer Impulse to immediately release the digital distributed copies of the game as well.

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GayStation33566d ago

Sony paid Gamestop to sell Demigod copies early, in order to get to the X360. Another act of desperation from Sony.

M337ING3566d ago

I don't get it.

Gas Powered Games doesn't make console games.

Terrible joke, if thats what it was.

- Ghost of Sparta -3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Don't bother with this sad retard, M337ING. His dad used to touch him when he was 3 years old.

Timesplitter143566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

You got it all wrong.

Gamestop paid Nintendo 4 years ago to create the Wii. The Wii became the #1 selling console this gen... JUST AS PLANNED by the Gamestop masterminds. Because of that, the X360 fell in second place, and without the Wii, Demigod would've been released on the 360 too. But now it's only on PC. But why would Gamestop want that? Well... they are the children of Satan and they hate God, so they wanted this game to be available to the smallest audience possible. And they released the game early to further discourage the devs and make those God lovers go bankrupt. Just as planned.

I also have a lot of time to waste

GayStation33566d ago

Sony paid Gamespot and then Gamespot paid Nintendo... in the end Sony gets phucked. That's all that matters.

terrandragon3566d ago

You are one of the worst trolls I have ever seen.

cryymoar3566d ago

doesn't know the difference between Gamespot and Gamestop.

somerandomdude3566d ago

What is up with trying to start up a gaystation. I don't think this is the site to insinuate having gay orgies with every one dude, can't we just be friends instead?

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menoyou3566d ago

wow the BS gamestop does just doesnt end. cant believe people try to defend them.

Tempist3566d ago

Yeah why would they do such an inconsiderate move. I hope this serves as a warning that gamestop is always there to screw you over.

IdleLeeSiuLung3566d ago

Well, it is pretty messed up, but I'm sure it wasn't a corporate policy. It is sad though, that the release of a game on PC early results in enough piracy concern that can damage sales enough to release the digital version early.

I don't think PC gaming as it is will survive much longer....

Timesplitter143566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Well that's not HALF as bad as it looks...

haha... get it? HALF as bad... DEMI-god...

ok nevermind. ;(

enjoi1873566d ago

what the hell is demi-god......who cares

Heldrasil3566d ago

yup, just like your post...who cares....

enjoi1873566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

2 people agreed with me so obviously 2 people some people got the game early who cares...

your music scares me

Nihilism3566d ago

i don't suppose there's a reason you have 2 bubbles my ignorant friend

Rofflecopter3566d ago

and theres probably a reason you have 3.

locos853565d ago

Demi-god is the name of the game this whole article is about. and Demi means half if you didn't know

Heldrasil3565d ago

@ 3.2

My music shouldn't scare's just art.

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evrfighter3566d ago

Demi-god is made by stardock. If your one of those fanboys that go on about sales, you'd know that Stardock made Sins Of A Solar Empire, published it through their own digital distribution platform. Sold 500k copies in a few months. ALL of this.....with no DRM whatsoever.

Pretty much proof that piracy is not killing pc gaming.

I just bought this game a few minutes ago after reading this actually.

El_Colombiano3566d ago

That is amazing. EA should take notice. NO DRM DAMN IT!

TheIneffableBob3566d ago

Plus it only cost them like $1 million to develop. 500,000 copies at $40 each equals $20,000,000.

evrfighter3566d ago

ya the amount of money they made off Sins by not having to advertise much, not having to pay for drm management, not having to pay for publishing, and by selling a majority of their purchases digitally. Pretty much comes up to an INSANE amount of profit for Stardock. I would guess comparable to the big high budget AAA titles.

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