WTP Review: Hannah Montana: The Movie

Based on the first big screen adventure of Disney's Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/juggernaut, Hannah Montana: The Movie is designed first and foremost to get girls gamers singing, dancing and dressing up. There's also a basic story mode where, as in the movie, Miley works to save her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, from a rapacious mall developer.

The game's story mode launches directly into a Hannah Montana concert performance of her theme song, Best of Both Worlds. Gamers who haven't played the previous Hannah console game, Spotlight World Tour, will first need to take the performance tutorial to learn the basics of performing, which combine the simpler elements of rhythm games Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero to get players dancing, pumping up the crowd and "playing" the guitar, drums and keyboards. Gamers of all ages and skill levels should pick up the dance moves quickly, though some gamers may find the quick coordination required for the guitar a bit tricky.

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