Shifting Gears - Mark Rein on Wii, PS3 and causing controversy

Rein also has positive things to say about PlayStation 3, and some strong words for Sony's critics. "People just seem to want to take a smack at them, and I can't figure it out. They're the leader, so I guess they have a target on their back."

Take the issue of stock supplies, Rein says - "So wait, if they don't have enough machines in stores, that's a bad thing? If they do have enough machines, that's a bad thing? Pick one!

"The PlayStation brand is very, very strong, and maybe you and I, who are in the games industry, maybe we over-read the press - but the gamers out there, they aspire to buy a new PlayStation.

"I went to a Target store a month or two ago and I was in the electronics area, and a non-typical gamer looking guy walks in the store and asks for a PlayStation 3. I walked up to him and asked him why he wasn't buying an Xbox 360, and he said, 'Well, I had a PlayStation 2, it was awesome - I would never think of buying an Xbox.'"

However, Rein concedes, the PlayStation 3's high price point may put some consumers off at the start of the console cycle.

"Yeah, it's a high price, because it's a new, high-end piece of equipment - but history shows that price will come down... They probably won't all buy one when it's $600 or $500, but when it's $400, $300, when the software they like is out - they'll start buying them.

"Motorstorm has come out, it's a great title. As the big titles come out, they're going to sell a bunch of machines. When PlayStation Home comes out, they'll sell a bunch of machines."

All in all, Rein concludes, PlayStation still has the edge as the next-gen console battle gets underway.

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THWIP5239d ago

The 360 has already made his company about $150 million, and the 360 version of UT3 will outsell the PS3 version by a HUGE MARGIN. Add to that, the fact that he's already stated he doesn't see a PS3 exclusive coming from EPIC, and his comments are mindboggling. Somebody from MSGS needs to remind Mark that the legacy of the PS2, and Sony's dominance is pretty much in the past, and his loyalties are very misplaced. :o

SmokeyMcBear5239d ago

are you this guy serious? He is the epitomy of a non fanboy, jesus, get your head out of your ass, its not about loyalties, its not about picking a side and sticking to it. Its about recognizing a company that made a great machine, and will continue to make great machines.

Rasputin20115239d ago

Hits the nail on the head with his comment...Like I know Devs/Pros should not be fanboys but after a title such as Gears makes one 150 Million on the Xbox 360 and you go on record for "sweet" talking their Nemesis...just Brilliant Mark(hence the sarcasm)

marshman5239d ago

Nice Article
Rein sounds very balanced in what he says. The gaming industry needs more people like Him. And less Haters.

techie5239d ago

DO you know I don't think there is a developer out there who is a hater. They don't hate on consoles. They like making games.

marshman5239d ago

Was not in reference to Developers.
But to the people that just come in here to preach their side of hate.
I think they could learn something from a guy like this.

Loopy5239d ago

How can you possibly forecast that the 360 version of UT3 will outsell the ps3 version by a HUGE MARGIN? For any fps, I'll take a keyboard and a mouse any day, and that option certainly won't appear on x360. And this is a deciding factor for some gamers to take the ps3 version over the x360.

Second of all, it's not a question of loyalty, but of fairness. Just because he made a good amount of money for developping a game on x360 doesn't mean he has to lick the boots of MS. And it certainly doesn't forbid him to praise MS competitors.

SmokeyMcBear5239d ago

but doesnt the ps3 allow you to use a bluetooh keyboard and mouse.... hmmmmmmmm

Torch5239d ago

I dunno, his comments sound pretty logical and level-headed to me.

Your above unsubstatiated, oh-so-matter-of-fact statement, on the other hand, has ME scratching my head.

Perhaps you should be so kind as to drop Mr. Rein a line and straight out the poor uninformed, misguided chap, hmm?

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The story is too old to be commented.