iPhone Apps Apple Doesn't Want You To Install

Here's a selection of favorite forbidden -- but useful and fun -- iPhone applications on Apple's banned list.

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butterfinger3564d ago

on installing jailbroken apps lately since most of the things I want (and many on this list) will be made available in the 3.0 update.

Wardog13683564d ago

I had no idea the i-phone can't blu-tooth. This may change my decision, as it's an expensive phone, so I assumed and expected it'd just have everything.

Anyway, any idea if the blu-tooth ability will be public in the update?

butterfinger3564d ago

it will be, but you should just google iPhone 3.0 to find out more.

1ikedamaster3564d ago

It can't do stereo bluetooth. It had bluetooth since the beginning.

Kevin McCallister3564d ago

I didn't know it couldn't natively receive picture messages until last week, but that's being fixed in the new firmware. I'm gonna pick up a Palm Pre though, if the clowns at Sprint would hurry and announce a launch date/price.

Half-Mafia3564d ago

didnt no about most of them apps. i better get downloading.

Rice3564d ago

Wait wut? I didnt really understand this properly. Is this just a list Apple doesnt like or is it a list Apple will ban on its new firmwire?
Cuz I love my my jailbroken Iphone.

kurochi3564d ago

reading that the "next gen" iphone is to be out relatively soon. Just wait until the next version comes out before you plop down a couple hundred dollars for it.

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