Eurogamer re-reviews Resistance

The overall disappointment that comes from playing Resistance is troubling. For years, Insomniac has carved itself an impressive reputation, and had a golden opportunity to throw its creativity at a genre which has been stuck in its ways for far too long. That it merely aped almost all of the things wrong with this creatively moribund genre is alarming. That's not to say that it's a bad game at all, because in most senses Resistance bears a solid resemblance to a lot of very successful shooters of the last few years. But to simply come up with a game on a new platform that completely stands still feels like a huge disappointment from a studio that's more than capable of doing thing differently to everyone else. Put bluntly, the combat and AI is merely average, the visuals don't really wow, and the much-vaunted weaponry makes little difference to how it plays. To say we're underwhelmed is the understatement of the year.


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Bhai4763d ago I 'Tipsed' a few days back ? It got a 9 rating in Europe but never got published on the site. Lets see if this crappy re-review makes it. Hope mods aren't THAT biased !

BTW, the re-reviewer totally forgets that its a launch title. He says the game-mechanics are like those that should've been in games 3 years from now, when they theirselves gave it a higher ranking in the first review only 4 months back...not 3 years but only 4 months back, Hah ! those morons. I don't understand at what level they'll fall in bashing PS3. Don't remember anything against perfect dark zero crap just over a year ago that was a total N64-gen game.

Bathyj4762d ago

Hyper Magazine (Australia's well respected quivelent of Famitsu)just gave VF5 96% and are claiming its PS3's first killer app. Admittedly they are big fans of the VF series but they are no way Sony fanboys. If anything their favourite company is Nintendo and always have been the 10 years I've been reading them. The former editor Cham Shea now writes for IGN.AU.

Just thought I'd mention it since I respect this magazine and you bought up VF. A couple more scores from Hyper just to show they're not Sony stooges:
RFoM 89%
Motorstorm 88%
Gears of War 91%
RB6:V 93%

specialguest4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Who re-reviews a game anyway? That's pretty rare. Ok, the first copy of Resistance they reviewed was an import. So now all of a sudden, this game "MAGICALLY" became a bad game? hahahaha complete b/s. Nothing has changed in the game, it's still the same game they reviewed the first time.

power of Green 4762d ago

Man i wish people would have been honest the first time if a game sucks as i said in the first place it just sucks people were so worried if they did not cut Sony's new console a break they gave it chairty points fearing back lash. lol

ER1X4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )


spacetoilet4762d ago

Thanks for another Negative B$ XBOT article lady! Your the best!

Torch4762d ago

To say that this dude's opinion about the game is in the vast minority and questionable is actually the understatement of the year.

To each their own, but something just ain't kosher about this review.

My personal take: Resistance is an absolutely awesome game...and has actually single-handedly gotten me interested in console FPS's, which I didn't care for till Resistance.

Sevir044762d ago

I didn't give a rat's patootie about console FPS or FPS on a whole for that matter... and after seeing and playing resistance i can really say that the fps genre is a hot genre but has way too many games and is too over hyped... still i remebr then importing this game and giving it a 9/10 and now that it's out in the Europe and UK. they rereview it and score it lower... this is like the most weirdest things of the year... and clearly this guy was just trying to put a negative spin on the ps3's best title to date. even MS and there devs have said that resistance is a remarkable game that did a fantastic job of selling the ps3 at lauch in both japan and US. so this dude... heck sounds more like the mart, got himself a job at Eurogamer.... lol!!!

the physics and the AI is one of the best to grace a game in this genre for years... that re-review is the most biased and most BSed review of the year....

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The story is too old to be commented.