GayGamer Impressions: Konami Gamer's Night '09: Silent Hill: Shattered Dreams

GayGamer writes: "The one game I was looking most forward to seeing at Konami's Gamer's Night, Silent Hill: Shattered Dreams, was unfortunately not on display for hands on. They did however give a short presentation on the new SH title which will be releasing on the Wii. Turns out it will be a re-imagining of the original Silent Hill. NOT a remake as they were sure to stress to us, but a re-imagining. Everything has been redone form the ground up, including the character models. For instance, Cybil, SH's awesomely lesbian-ish, leather clad motorcycle cop is a much more subdued looking brunette with a soccer mom like hair-do. Harry Mason's new look includes glasses and a cell phone which will act as all the game's menus."

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