Xbox Evolved - The Godfather II Review

From XE:

"The Godfather II is the direct sequel to the 2006 Godfather videogame. This time around EA has added a ton of new features and strategic aspects to really put you in the eyes of a Don."

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Th3 Chr0nic3566d ago

wow this is the first review i have seen above a 5 for this game.... what gives here i dont know what to think.

Blaze9293554d ago

other reviewers were just overly harsh on what is actually a damn good game.

MK_Red3554d ago

I played the game and it's hands down THE worst sandbox game I've ever played. Worst than True Crime NYC or any other infamous game in this genre. Seriously, even the 5s are too much for this game. It's not just the graphics that are on par with a PS2 launch title. The gameplay is even older and more boring.
9/10!?!? LOL.