BITMAPS 73: Traditional Thinking Ruined Silent Hill

The Silent Hill franchise used to be good. What happened?

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cain1413571d ago

I was never a huge silent hill fan in the first place, the older ones were better...

predator3571d ago

played the first one, haven't played one since

SlamVanderhuge3571d ago

I'm a die-hard series fan, but the series "died" the second that Team Silent did. Without the psychological approach that they took with their games, Silent Hill will never be the same.

Nice piece though...echoes my frustrations about being forced to fight in Homecoming. I would have faith in the new Wii SH game, but Climax is making it. They also made the abysmal Silent Hill

CaptainKratos3571d ago

silent hill 5, dont know if it was the game engine that just wasn't scary enough or just that the story sucked so much as well as the combat system. man, i have them all and im looking foward to the ps2 also coming out on psp and wii one.wont get my hopes up though.HARRY!!!!!!!!!lol.he was badass.