The Portable Gamer iPhone Review | Pee Monkey Jungle Fire

TPG says, "After recently purchasing an iPhone, I excitedly volunteered to start reviewing iPhone games for The Portable Gamer. With games like Metal Gear Solid coming to the platform, I was looking forward to something to really dig my teeth into. So when my first review turned out to be Pee Monkey: Jungle Fire, I knew this had to be some cruel joke of fate. Needless to say, I went in expecting the worst."

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roblef3569d ago

I love these high quality iPhone games with the hilarious names. Nice reveiw! I probably wouldn't have gotten this because of the name, so was good to see some positive commentary!

roblef3569d ago

I love the smell of burning pee in the morning!

CrAppleton3569d ago

Yeah.. I'm not so sure about that..

killyourfm3569d ago

"The fate of your entire species rests on your ridiculously overfilled bladder, after all, “only you can prevent forest fires.”

Classic line...

CrAppleton3569d ago

This looks like a game that I could get into.. lol

Neco5123568d ago

I like the all around vulgar feel of the game haa