Political group asks Bono to halt Mercs 2 production

Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign launches new appeal

Political activisits are calling on U2 singer Bono, as an investor in Pandemic Studios, to halt the development of forthcoming shooter Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

The game is set in Venezuela and sees players taking on a political tyrant who has taken control of the oil industry. It's already attracted criticism from the country's president, Hugo Chavez, who labelled it as an example of "psychological warfare".

Now the Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign has written an open letter to religious leaders asking for their help in stopping productoin on the game.

The VSC claims that Pandemic has previously been subcontracted by the US army to make training games, and observes, "The aim of [Mercenaries 2] is full devastation, so any 'person' who moves should be 'shot,' and all the buildings, such as the headquarters of PDVSA, the Venezuelan public oil company, can be 'destroyed.'

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Scythesean4760d ago

for that they should make Hugo Chaves or whatever his name is, the main person your trying to hunt down and kill.

Yo Wassap4760d ago

well it doesn't help if the president of venesuela happens to hate the US and other affiliates* just search for him on the net. He made a huge point about that in one of the UN conferences.

*please note that word just for my own security

The Snake4759d ago

I don't remember anyone complaining about Mercenaries 1 being set in North Korea. Then again I wasn't paying attention back then either. Does anyone know?

dantesparda4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Yes actually they did, seriously! the Koreans complained! look it up, im not kidding you. But now you people need to realize that this may seem stupid to you because you's dont care about it. But what if a bunch of Sony fanboys where like, we should make a game where we hunt down Bill Gates and kill him, and kill all the fanboys, or something like that. Im sure alot of you's would take offense to that. And be like, "screw you's! let's kill Phil Harrison and the Sony fanboys", and everybody would be pissed. Now i agree that this silly, but people try to not to be so insensitive to other people feelings. And anybody who cannot understand this, is just showing their age. How would you's feel about a game where America was the bad guy, and the goal was to kill George Bush and everyone you fought was a American? Mad, people would be offended

Rasputin20114759d ago

to my knowledge there was no "beefin" about the first game taking place in North Korea also this man needs to pi$$ off.

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