ThePlayStatioNetwork Review: Burn Zombie Burn

Another review from TPSN here this time it's Ryan Gray reviewing Burn Zombie Burn. DoubleSix's Zombie-based PSN offering seems to have gone down well.

From The Review:

"One guy, an arsenal of weapons, and endless zombies just waiting to die. Be that by fire, shotgun, SMG, lawn mower, sucking brains out, the list just goes on. Has Doublesix created just another arcade game, or does this one demand a spot in your library?

No, Doublesix has not created just another arcade game. Burn Zombie Burn is a hell of a lot of fun, and for various reasons. It may seem as though the game sticks to a more formulaic approach, but it's actually quite different from other games of its kind. The main object of the game is to kill zombies by any means possible, and rack up the highest score you can. By burning zombies be that by torch or flame thrower, your multiplier will go up for each zombie burned. If you kill the zombies that are on fire, your multiplier goes back down. It adds a lot of strategy to the game, and while all this number junk is occurring, you still have hordes of zombies coming your way. The game requires a little more thinking than one might think, but it just makes for an overall great game."

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