Microsoft Office 2010 to be free online

We knew Microsoft was almost ready to lift the lid on the next version of its Office suite of software, but we hadn't expected the surprises that appear in the offing.

According to reports in the US and Japan, the next iteration will not be called Office 14, as had been expected, but will instead go by the name Office 2010

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meepmoopmeep3571d ago

MSFT did this from the kindness of their hearts.
Google apps had nothing to do with it, no really.


InfectedDK3571d ago

Haha lol agree but this is still very very impressive and I'm glad to hear this. They weren't forced to do this but maybe in the long run it is the right decision for them to do this now.

meepmoopmeep3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

yeah, it's cool that they went this route.

MSO is pretty expensive to buy.

i expect Apple to follow suite. iWork has an online component but you have to subscribe.

InfectedDK3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

But hey.. Does the "free online" mean that you have to use it in the browser or will it be free to download with ads build in? Whatever my 2 copies I got with my PC's works fine. But still impressive though. But I guess if it's in the browser many will buy it instead. I can see the picture but it only proves an organizer online for documents doesn't it? I guess we'll have to wait and see for all this.

meepmoopmeep3571d ago

that's a good question.

Google apps can be used offline so i dunno.

Proxy3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Make it cheaper for businesses to contract with you.

It's all about market share. If they can teach every school child and their parents to use MS Office, then the employers are going to be forced to contract with MS and use their Office software.

This will be cheaper than the alternative which is training all employees to use a new Office suite.

Business contracts are where it's at.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3570d ago

No, it is called competition and happens in every industry....

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PotNoodle3571d ago

That is impressive. I know so many people hate microsoft and their products on this site, but microsoft office imo - is the best peice of computer software they currently make, so this is great.

I'm also looking forward to windows cloud, WHERE IS IT?!

Pennywise3571d ago

I agree... It isnt a big secret I am not a fan of MS, but office is quality software. This is a bold step from MS. What are they to do without their yearly upgrade fees??

Elven63571d ago

Pennywise: It's ad supported

CrayzeeCarl3571d ago

Visual Studio 2005 and later is fantastic too.

Pennywise3571d ago

Ahh that makes sense.

I would almost rather pay for the program than deal with ads.

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ra22053571d ago

very impressive of Microsoft, definitely the way to go for Microsoft and all other companys

Odion3571d ago

The amount of money they could make from this is astounding. Imagine the hundreds of millions of people who use Office software on a daily basis. Now imagine how much money you could make from the advertisement from that.

They can't fight google on ads, but the amount of people who use Office will be huge.

BIGELLOW3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

... but for Microsoft, it's a double-edged sword. Sure, this will give them a lot of traffic to sell ads on... but if the advertisers don't follow suit, it'll be a bunch of non-monetized traffic. Google has both the traffic AND the advertisers. If Microsoft can't match Google's traffic, they aren't going to steal away too many advertisers.

Also, Office 2010 may turn out to be Microsoft's YouTube. Just because you have a lot of traffic doesn't mean you can monetize it well. People who go to YouTube are there to see short entertaining videos. They are not necessarily researching something which might lead them to click on an ad. Likewise, someone who is using Office 2010 is not there to constantly leave the application every time a catchy or flashy ad appears. They are much more likely to become ad-blind.

So, while this is great news for consumers, it might not turn out to be such great news for Microsoft. And, if this is the case, it's likely only going to go downhill from there for consumers as Microsoft scrambles for a way to make it (or keep it) profitable.

What is likely going to happen to Office 2010 reminds me of a "free long distance" service a while back. With this service, you called an 800#... and for every 30 second ad you were willing to listen to, you got 2 free minutes of long distance for that call. It was fantastic for consumers. Unfortunately, the service just couldn't support itself. As it buckled under the pressure, the service started degrading until it went away altogether.

Here's hoping that Microsoft finds the magic way to make this a sustainable business model so that consumers can continue to reap the rewards.

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