Next-Gen: Perils of a Spring Launch

Spring hardware launches are problematic. The lack of a Christmas buying frenzy is already being pinned as the reason for a lack of sell-outs for PlayStation 3's European launch this weekend.

General consensus is now agreed that consumers are going to be able to walk into any store in Europe and pick up a console this weekend. Retailers have attempted to whip up hype about the launch; a Pavlovian response to recent hardware launches such as Wii and Xbox 360.

But those were Christmas launches. Pre-orders for PS3 are way below stock allocations.

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scarlett_rg4323d ago

If the Wii launched in Europe today (with the same number of units as the PS3), it would still sell out.

True, the time of year can certainly affect the launch... but it's more about actually providing a product that people want, at a price point that they find acceptable. Sony has achieved neither of these with the PS3.

Adding Blu-ray has just killed the PS3 as a desirable gaming device, but it may well help them win the HD format war, which will pay HUGE dividends a number of years down the road. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this was the main focus for Sony with this system. Too bad they've lost many gamers and many exclusives in the process.

Good luck to them. They're sure off to a bad start.