Out of Eight Review: Caster

Out of Eight writes:

"You can't ask for much more for $4.99 (it's cheaper than a foot-long!). Sure, it's only a couple of hours long, but it's an enjoyable two hours. Caster takes two unique elements, terrain deformation and the game's specific spells, and combines them into an effective action game. The memorable alien enemies, from small bugs to giant ant-looking-things, provide a good challenge for the aspiring mage (that would be you). The level of difficult never becomes annoying, however, as dying simply resets your score instead of the entire level, and finishing a map is merely a matter of persistence, no matter how inept you might be. Aiming for perfection has its rewards, however, as you will then have more cash to spend on upgrades in preparation for the final battle. The presentation is certainly indie-level, but the game does have some distinct visuals"

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