How to Make DS Better

That the DS is a sensation is both indisputable and deserved. That it has helped to change the industry should by now be reasonably obvious. All the more shame, then, that the system is only half-done. Eric-Jon Rössel Waugh looks at ways to improve an unfinished project...

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giovonni4318d ago

If it an't broke don't fix it. Just relax and let it flot

hfaze4318d ago

Looks like moonshell and a couple other DS homebrew projects would fit what he's wanting... Good luck on getting Nintendo to do it, they'll probably just release a newer handheld in a couple of years...

Rasputin20114318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Like right now im addicted to Brain Age! Anywho I was reading the April edition of GamePro and I think Viscious Sid has a great Idea of Blizzard putting Diablo II on the Nintendo DS....come on guys you got to admit that would rock out!