A Rare-ity, To Be Sure

FTGG's Christos Reid talks about Rare, their creative direction and how he feels like their lights have dimmed since they left Nintendo.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Rare has gone down hill since joining up with M$. They have delivered nothing but flops on the POS 360.

forthegamergood3568d ago

I completely agree. Viva Pinata's great, but the rest just feels so half-arsed.

Labwarriorbot3568d ago

Its not like quality people with the same vision and direction are up for grabs in the streets. Once those people are gone, youre done. Its as simple as that.

You can play an ad in the newspaper and guess what...maybe 10 guys would apply for that particular job in 1 year and only 1 out of that 10 is actually good enough.

Thats reality for you yo. Sucks to be xbots who hype up Rare because thats the only studio they have left.

cmacdonald3568d ago

Probably the worst developer purchase of all time.

original seed3568d ago

Im loving Rare. Then again I own an Xbox 360. I have every Rare game that they made. I love them all. Never have i sold one back. Sure PDZ was not the best online that it should have been. Im more than certain that the next one will be epic.

Im glad Rare was picked up by MS. I would hate to play Rare games on the Wii.

- Ghost of Sparta -3568d ago

They're not what they used to be, that's for sure.

cmacdonald3568d ago

If you look at what MS paid for them to what they have brought in, yes Rare could be the worst purchase of all time.

thebudgetgamer3568d ago

this is not the rare that made such great games like rc-pro am and what not. same name but different company like atari.


cherrypie3568d ago

All the Viva Pinata and Banjo games have been TERRIFIC. The trouble is that their audience is still pretty nintendo-loyal.

If they released those titles under the Nin banner, market (and the press) would hail them as groundbreaking.

Doesnt matter to me -- I love those titles, and hope for more Banjo ASAP.

ParanoidMonkey3567d ago

I really think Viva Pinata is on par with their N64 stuff. I really, really enjoy those games. Banjo N&B was fun, but I'm not crazy about it. I haven't played PDZ, and I only played Kameo briefly (I didn't care for it much).

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Shadow Man3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Microsoft sucks for buying Rare.

OSIRUSSS3568d ago

Didn't they leave and form Free Radical Design ? And What happen to That studio?

- Ghost of Sparta -3568d ago

Half of the people that work at Free Radical now used to work at Rare. As for what happened to them, both developers suck now, judging by their most recent efforts.

Nihilism3567d ago

hahaha, they deserve to fail, they abandoned the company that made them famous, rare fans were nintendo fans....the same way that square enix has shot themselves in the foot by abandoning sony, don't bite the hand that feeds you people

The BS Police3567d ago

Square Enix were making games for Nintendo before the first Playstation. As for Rare, there terrible design and gameplay choices have nothing to do with Microsoft.

Rare should quit trying to be innovative with their popular franchises and actually stay true to them.

forthegamergood3567d ago

What he said, do your fact-checking. Nintendo have had Final Fantasy from the beginning. Where did you think games like FF and Crystal Chronicles originated? Because I'm fairly sure the PSX wasn't around that long ago.

lloyd_wonder3567d ago

Yeah and back then only crap Final Fantasy games

Sony did wonders or Square

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