Blizzard Sets May 19 Deadline for Add-On Compliance

Last month, Blizzard released a new add-on development policy. There were several contentious points in it; notably, authors can no longer charge money for add-ons, nor can they solicit donations in-game (asking for donations on web sites is still OK). In-game advertising is also not allowed.

In the wake of the announcement, the authors of several popular mods announced that they would no longer be developing and/or distributing their addons, while other addons (Carbonite being a notable example) are switching to an entirely free model.

The news today is that Blizzard is giving a 60-day grace period for developers to comply with the new model.

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Mutley4163572d ago

Man I hope nothing happens to my Carbonite...

DeadGirls3572d ago

I think they should ban add-ons completely. In fact, they should ban scripting and macros. Everyone should have to play with the default UI and default keys.

That would be a laugh.