148Apps Review: Math Cards

148Apps writes:

"The aptly-named Math Cards is a crisp, clean quiz program designed to hone your basic math skills. And let's face it: we could all do with a little help. While the app is designed for grade-school kids in need of memorizing their times-tables, even adults can benefit from mental math skills. (Give me a calculus problem any day, but I absolutely hate basic addition!) If it was a bit more feature-rich, it would be perfect; as it stands, it's one tool you can use to tackle a larger task.

In the description, DollarApps says that they believe in "doing one thing well and keeping it simple," and that's definitely the case here. Is Math Cards perfect? That depends entirely on what you want. If you need a simple tool to keep your mental-math skills sharp, then this is it. Just don't expect anything too feature-rich, and you'll love Math Cards for its convenience, its simplicity, and its clean presentation."

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