Lens of Truth: Final Fantasy VII AC Blu-ray Giveaway

Lens of Truth writes, "This month we are giving away a first run, Japanese copy of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-ray! Along with this kick ass movie comes the playable demo of the much anticipated Final Fantasy XIII. And this is no short demo, weighing in at around and hour and a half. We are also giving away PSN/Microsoft/Wii Points and official Lens of Truth t-shirts!"

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evildeli3570d ago

I can't wait to see FFVII-AC in blu-ray.

jaidek3570d ago

Same here. I really want to see how much changed in the re-rendering of the characters. And it is going to look sick in 1080p! I also saw on their site that they are going to be playing through the FFXIII demo live on That is scheduled for Friday at 8pm EST. Going to be a late night for all!

RudeSole Devil3570d ago

I cant wait to see the demo. Will there be an Xbox 360 demo as well? Anyway Final Fantasy XIII was development for the PS3 and than ported to the Xbox 360, so the PS3 version will be the superior version anyway.

Silly gameAr3570d ago

That's pretty cool of those guys. The point system sounds pretty clever too.

Sea_Man3570d ago

WOW! that's really awesome!! I will definitely be there! Man Lens of Truth rocks what other review site gives free stuff like that.. I'll probably just donate some money and get my points that way... I like taking the easy way.

ArthurLee3570d ago

Can't wait to see this.

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