PS3 Preorders In Australia Not Looking So Hot

SCE Australia boss Michael Ephraim has told Brisbane newspaper The Courier-Mail that "more than 10,000" people have pre-ordered the PS3. That's the first time anyone's got a number out of him regarding launch figures of any kind, and geez, it's not hard to see why.

The closest we've come to numbers on Australia's launch allocation has been a hint that it would be around 40-60,000 units. Let's be optimistic, and take the low end of that approximation.

Going by that best-case scenario, you're looking at only a quarter of allocated units sold. 10,000 consoles across a population of 20 million people? Not looking too good for the Monday morning press release, Sony.

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THAMMER14764d ago

Wait till monday's yeah then it will look better.

Ps3Fanboy7774764d ago

You all better hope Ps3 fails or you all will look like the biggest idiots of all time...

Remember that...

Drew4763d ago

It's a good thing that it did then, eh?