G4TV: Saw: The Videogame' Hands-On Impressions

G4TV writes: "So how do you turn Saw into a video game? I still don't know. The game, formerly in development at the newly closed Brash Entertainment is going to see a release this October for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 thanks to Konami. Saw takes the form of a puzzle/survival-horror hybrid and attempts to put the player in devious situations, while giving the player as little information about how to escape death as possible.

That aspect, while frustrating at first, is actually the best thing about the game… when the developers actually do this. The demo opens in a bathroom with the player in the reverse bear-trap torture from the movie. You are quickly tasked with removing the device before it rips their face off. A circling analog stick is shown on the screen, but it takes a bit to realize that the red light blinking on the device is actually a "B" button, which needs to be pressed when the light illuminates. Unfortunately, the character isn't animated with any feedback so it took me a while to realize that I was actually doing anything to escape."

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