Are fighting game females - too sexy? (videos)

Msxbox-World takes a look at fighting game females in the form of some videos and asks the question whether they are just too sexy looking to be taken seriously. Or that developers deliberately make them this way to appeal to male audiences. Sex sells.

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hatchimatchi3569d ago

who takes fighting games seriously?

Tompkins3569d ago

They are not taken seriously because they are so comical - bar those who enter tournaments and such like. Maybe the new UFC Undisputed 2009 will introduce a serious fighting game to the masses. But perhaps a lack of big boobs and bottoms will turn many away - I mean female big boobs and bottoms.

Fierce Musashi3569d ago

I sometimes take hot game chicks seriously. Like if they had a background or a story. But that's just me.

Flipgeneral3568d ago

Soul & Blade for the PS3 by NCSoft.
Get ready to see some T&A.

Seriously, every female in that game is half naked with big up tits. They even got the nipple bumps on their clothing down to a science!
I don't know whether or not it's too much, or just enough....

Tompkins3568d ago

That game is a fighting MMO. But I catch your drift.