Joystiq impressions: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Although it was probably the most impressive looking game shown at Konami's Gamers Night 2009 event last week, the Wii-imagining of Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, was sadly not playable. It's a shame, too, considering how natural the game's motion controls appeared in the on-stage demo; seeing them in action made us really want to try them.

Joystiq was left to watch the footage of the Climax-developed title and imagine what it will be like, roaming the streets of the snow-covered town, flashlight in hand and camera phone at the ready to catch the unexplainable and unnerving. Fortunately, it was a fairly meaty bit of footage that provided a good idea of what to expect from the game when they finally do get their hands on it.

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