Gamertell Review: Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II for PSP

From the review, "There are 13 planes, but be ready to be satisfied with just one for a while. Each side begins with one plane, and you have to work up to and earn others. Nice. There's a gallery though, so you can look through and see what you're missing.

The text is small. Beyond small. Minuscule is a better word for it. To make matters worse, in some situations the choice of color makes it difficult to read it against the background. In a play period of 15 minutes, I found myself leaning forward, squinting and struggling to read mission briefings or directions. Eventually, I gave up and would go into a level shooting anything with a red triange above it, hoping for the best.

Then there's the loading. I'm used to loading in PSP games - I typically play RPGs. Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II's loading times are among the longest and most annoying I've seen. You load to start the game..."

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