GamesAreEvil's Release of the Week: Demigod

GamesAreEvil writes, "The Real-Time Strategy genre has been having problems as of late. Let face it, resource and army management titles haven't been able to keep up with first person shooters. This has become more prevalent as increased graphic performance has decreased the number of seasick players and big budget titles keep fans excited and trigger happy.

Still, developers keep making attempts to re-energize the genre. Dawn of War took out resource management completely and focused on action, while Halo Wars attempted to take advantage of legions of fanboys. The latest crack at it comes from Gas Powered Games in their new game, Demigod...."

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CrAppleton3572d ago

RTS games have been on my sh!t list as of late..

bgrundman3572d ago

that is so wrong. the new warhammer game was outstanding.

killyourfm3572d ago

I'm looking way more forward to the Square-Enix-powered Supreme Commander 2. Wow, I hadn't even heard of DemiGod, may have to try the demo.

bgrundman3572d ago

I think that it should be pretty good given its pedigree.

Neco5123572d ago

Looks like it will be good!

CrAppleton3572d ago

As the last RTS that had me stoked (Stormrise) kind of let me down.. I'm going to have to take a back seat and wait for more info on this one

Spybreak3572d ago

been watching the development of this game, sounds promising and I'm even a fan of base building/resource management.