Slow start for official PS3 launch

The flagship Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street welcomed the first customers keen to buy a PS3 at noon yesterday, with five people in the queue by the time the doors shut at 10pm.

At the front of the line was 17 year-old Ritatsu Thomas, who had turned up outside the store at 5am. He told, "I went to the Wii launch and I got there quite late. I didn't get my Wii that day, and I was quite disappointed. This was my chance to do it right.

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Antan4761d ago

I don`t see the point in queuing if you have a preorder!! I know people are eager but hey, have a kip then pick it up in the morning!!

richie007bond4761d ago

Well as far as i can see, there doest seem to be the hype there was when the 360 was launched,i have loads of family members with children and not one of them or their friends have even mentioned getting a ps3,now folks thats not good not good at all,most of them have 360s which is all the rave about.I think the problem with the ps3 is all the bad news and the ludicrously high price tag not to mention the lack of quality games for the system,but only time will tell..

THAMMER14761d ago

The early bird gets the worm. Yeah thats the ticket.

mandrake4761d ago

One other way to look at it is that there really is no reason to rush or even pre-order because Sony was successful in getting a sufficient number of units into the supply chain. So most everybody that wants one is feeling pretty assured that they can walk into a store anytime and pick it up.

TheMART4761d ago

First off. I may freakin' hope so they have enough after Europe waited almost a half year extra on USA/Japan and a whole year after the initial Spring 2006 planned launch...

Second. Ofcourse Sony says it's like that.

But the best marketing is, if your system sells out. Selling out is marketing hocus pocus to make people think the system is extra hot. But just sold out that the major demand is fulfilled.

If stock is left, like major stock, that's a negative story for the press for sure.

We'll see soon the selling numbers are not so good. Because we've seen in Japan and USA people don't buy a 600 dollar console that much. Sales dissapoint and it won't be different in Europe, period.

Plus: it's not Christmastime where people are crazy over searching presents and are scared they won't have anything under the three. It's freakin' Spring. You think Europeans buy a 600 dollar Easter Egg???

Black Republican4761d ago

lol "600 dollar easter egg"

i have nothing againts mart, but even if you do, you have to admit that line is funny

caffman4761d ago

he went into that line in the hope of getting on TV and in the papers. It worked.