CompUSA to return; this time with full Internet

Slashgear: "As you know, CompUSA went bankrupt a while ago and were sold to Systemax. However, the computer stores are slowly making a come back, but there are a few changes this time around. For instance, 30 new stores will open and they will all have an open Internet policy.

This policy will make it so shoppers are encouraged to use the Internet on the demo units for price comparisons and reading product reviews. Supposedly, customers will also be able to check regular websites as well like news sites and even Facebook."

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hitthegspot3569d ago

They better have a valid return policy, and competitive pricing or don't bother...

Imallvol73569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Um . . . internet access = brilliant reopening? Who's in charge here?

I think in order to be successful . . . they need a clearer vision. Most people don't go to compUSA because they think its for computer geeks. They need to specialize in something . . .

They are in this weird area between an office depot and circuit city.

HOWEVER, I think they should try to fill the shoes that Circuit City left empty. If they could challenge Best Buy with better prices and customer service, COMPUSA could be awesome! Of course, they would need to carry inventory more like a Best Buy or Circuit city!

@Below - There are not enough Fry's. I have never even seen one. If there were more Fry's, then I would be fine.

hitthegspot3569d ago

The store that fills the gap is Fry's Electronics. Unfortunately they are not located in the North Eastern part of the US. Every time I'm in California or Georgia I spend at least 2 hours in this store. It's the true geek store.

pacowles3569d ago

I hope CompUSA makes a comeback just because after Circuit City's demise, BestBuy has no real competition (and thus can take advantage of the situation by screwing consumers). They definitely need to make some changes to be successful (always seemed to have higher prices than BB/CC), but if they restructure intelligently, I'd be glad to see them reopen. I've also never seen a Fry's before (I'm from the south east US), but I'd be just as glad to see them expand to my area to fill the CC void.

The Great Melon3568d ago

Fry's is amazing. If you do get a chance you will be astounded by their sheer amount of electronics stuff. They manage to hang on to many old games. I was there recently and managed to nab Shin Megami Tensei Noctourne the other day. I haven't seen that game in over 5 years. They also have great sales.

mirroredderorrim3569d ago

Yes. I want to shrink an entire Fry's facility and put it in my pocket, during closing hours.

The Great Melon3568d ago

I know what you mean. I practically go there every Friday when I'm at home. So much stuff, so little money.

V0LT3569d ago

I hate Best Buy. My CompUSA was great... Not sure about everyone elses... It was sad to see it go. They also had 6/12 months no payments on a lot of stuff too which was great.

The Great Melon3568d ago

I enjoyed my CompUSA also. The places that got my money over the years have slowly been going out of business. First CompUSA now Circuit City, all I have left now is essentially Fry's. I remember they would have night openings sometimes near that end of their life. Those were always interesting, as there was always twice the optimal capacity in the store grabbing for the good deals.