Extra Hearts: Extending the Lifespan of a Video Game

Expanding the length of a game is not impossible, even for a short action game. While no one expects to play an FPS campaign that lasts longer than 10 hours, some first person titles, like the Call of Duty series and Valve's Orange Box offer extensive multiplayer options that allow the product to last for dozens or even hundreds of hours. But for every one of these games, there are five other games that do not last beyond a single play-through in which such options are nonexistent.

What could possibly be done to improve the value of a game?

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iseven3570d ago

i like achievements and how they're pretty addictive to try to get

StillGray3570d ago

I'm personally a big fan of achievements, except for the ones that need you to kill 10,000 players. GOW2 anyone?

Nineball21123570d ago

I've got every other trophy but that one on R2, and I'm not even trying to get it.

Maybe after 5 years, if anyone is still playing it, I'll get it, but I"m not going to invest that kind of time into a game just to get that trophy.

ChampIDC3570d ago

If you actually played the game, you would know that the 10,000 counts everything, including campaign and horde. It's not just 10,000 other players.

It's still a crazy achievement, but it's a lot easier than the kills achievement in Gears 1.

squee3570d ago

Good article - seems like you've been gaming for a while. Lots of good insight here.

StillGray3570d ago

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.


With longevity in mind so I like RPgs...Games with collecting i.e monster hunter ....with DLC and multiplayer

Timesplitter143570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The unlockables in the MGS franchise are a perfect example of unlockables done right. That alone took me through 6 playthroughs of MGS3, and 12 more just for fun. Same goes with MGS4.

And of course, the hard difficulty is great too. Many people only play games on easy or normal. They don't know what they're missing.

But devs should have that in mind when they design their games. Adding some Role Playing elements in any kind of game can be a major upgrade. (Level up, buy weapons, earn money, choose skills, develop your character, etc.) Even in shooting games.

Also, always add some kind of "deathmatch", "skirmish" or "survival" mode in single-player games

StillGray3570d ago

Yeah. MGS was exactly what I was thinking of. Unlocks are definitely a great way to prolong games, especially when they are done right.