TheXboxDomain: XBLA Review: Crystal Defenders

TheXboxDomain writes: "Crystal Defenders was released last Wednesday to the XBLA and to me it is a hidden gem.

First off I must say the "300 Maps" touted in the description is total bologna. You have 12 maps with 30 waves of enemies you have to defend off which gives you the illustrious "300 Maps". Believe me though 12 maps is more than enough because to perfect each map expect to spend 2 hours + to get just that right combination of defenders.

This game is a Tower Defense game with characters from the Final Fantasy Tactics series. Each character or upgrade item costs a certain amount of Gil and with each enemy you defeat you get a number of Gil back. Saving money is the key as you get a bonus after clearing the wave depending on the number of crystals you saved from the enemies. Pretty simple. Set up your defenders and defeat the oncoming waves. Simple yet addicting..."

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