Only Three People Queuing In London So Far (and one of those wants to sell his on ebay) reports from the big PS3 London launch.

"Even I was surprised by the number of people gathered in the basement of Virgin's Megastore on Oxford Street today, I thought there'd be *slightly* more than three people queuing for the PS3 30 hours before the big launch. Huh, maybe I underestimated the public's taste after all! Still, the three who were camping inside at 6pm today were keen, the first to arrive, Ritatsu Thomas (pictured with me) had turned up on Virgin's doorstep at 5am that morning, but he had many more hours to wait out before someone else joined him, at 11.45am. The third, and last (when I arrived at 5pm) to rock up was Omar, who had got there only a few hours prior to me, was planning on buying six consoles to sell on eBay. Although goodness knows if he'll go through with it, as after hearing me discuss the low profits made by reselling the consoles on eBay with Ritatsu, he took me aside and asked me nervously if I recommended he go through with it or not..."

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kingboy4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

No need for that mate.The days of shortages are almost over this time around unlike North America .No one will buy your Ebay ps3`s when there`s plenty available on shelves at reasonable prices.

FeralPhoenix4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

yeah kingboy, I'm not bashing the PS3 but where the hell has this guy been?.....sell 6 PS3's on eBay?....there will be enough in stores, LOL, someone needs to tell him he won't be getting rich off the PS3 before he wastes all his money.....since he might have to end up selling them cheaper because most people are not going to buy them from him at regular price if they can pick one up at retail.

power of Green 4765d ago


Why are people so behind in facts and popular opinion over there?(I had to sell my Ebay-PS3 on the streets and the other; i sold half price to my brother.

BrotherSic4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

why que when they can just buy online?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4765d ago

Why sell it on Ebay it didnt work last time?

THWIP4765d ago

Simple.....because they've already been FORCED to wait for 5 months, for no good reason, and they're sick of "waiting".

Merovee4765d ago

That and the fact that unlike every other system launch before theres 1,000,000 systems at launch so theres not going to be a drastic shortage.

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The story is too old to be commented.