Which Has Better Graphics: Wii or PSP?

We've all seen the Xbox 360/PS3 graphics comparisons over and over again. But, those consoles are for graphics whores. The Wii is not for graphics whores. It's for fun-loving people who don't mind if their visual experience can be reproduced on a portable system. Case in point: Sega's Alien Syndrome. The game is appearing on both the Wii and the PSP. The sci-fi shooter game follows Earth Command Trooper Aileen Harding as she takes on aliens (hence the title). And from the screenshots, the PSP's version looks crisper, cleaner, better.

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anthonsh4761d ago

I'm sorry, but this is retarted. Alien Syndrome is one of the worst looking games I've ever seen. Any comparisons using it are invalid. Especially from a blog pretending to be news.

InMyOpinion4760d ago

Real silly. You must be extremely delusional to think the Psp has better graphics than the Wii. goes like this: Psp <- Ps2 <- Gamecube (check RE:4, much better on GC) <- Wii.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4760d ago

But those screens do catch your eye.

Rasputin20114760d ago

Psp <- Gamecube <- PS2 (check RE:4, much better on PS2) <- Wii.

TheMART4760d ago

Resident Evil 4 looks better on the Gamecube then on the PS2 I saw somewhere on the net before... THe PS2 version couldn't get up to that quality.


PSP <- PS2/Gamecube <- XBOX/Wii (also about the same in power) <- PS3 <- 360

InMyOpinion4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

"...Besides, while Resident Evil 4 looks incredible on the PS2, it doesn't look quite as good as on the GameCube, where it has richer colors, sharper-looking environments, and nicer lighting effects. Larger foes also look better on the GameCube (while smaller foes melt away faster when killed), and the earlier version's loading times are also shorter. Pauses during the interactive cutscenes are also longer by an instant on the PS2, making the interactivity feel a bit less seamless. So, since the underlying gameplay is exactly the same, the slightly but noticeably better-looking GameCube original ultimately still has the edge."


I have played both versions myself and agree with what he has to say.

Rasputin, in what way do you think RE:4 looks better on the Ps2? Just curious, not trying to insult you or anything.

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ChickeyCantor4760d ago

are they saying the PSP GFX GPU are equal to the Wii's GPU?

the one that put this on the net is just trying to start a freaking flame war.
what kind of idiot is that?

btw this game is already BAD looking!

MissAubrey4760d ago

This is stupid as hell the freaking Gamecube has better graphics than the PSP.

ItsDubC4760d ago

The president of Totally Games, who is making Alien Syndrome, said this w/ regard to graphics:

"A number of graphics enhancements and additional animations will also be made for the Wii version... The game's level design takes full advantage of the crisp, beautiful widescreen display of the PSP to create stunning environments the likes of which have not been seen on a handheld before."

Pretty vague if u ask me. One thing's for sure, screenshots don't convey animation nor how level design takes advantage of the PSP's display.

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