GameStop Haters, Please Shut Up

It's not the perfect company, but GameStop is really not as bad as people on the Internet make it out to be. Jason Fanelli, an employee of GameStop himself, writes about how GameStop might actually be considered good and tries to talk some sense into the Internet by bringing up what would happen if the naysayers got their wish and the big video-game chain disappeared.

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Zeus Lee3569d ago

Don't care for GameStop,stopped buying games from them once I realized they were selling Used copies as New.

SL1M DADDY3569d ago

In fact, when I purchased games from GameStop, the store I frequented had a few "GameStop Fanboys" behind the counter. They were the same guys that pushed the Xbox 360 over everything else and wore clearasil like a face mask. Sorry, but my visual of this guy is not a pretty one.

GWAVE3569d ago

Ooooh. A Gamestop employee telling us to stop hating Gamestop?

Well, Hi. My name is GWAVE. I'm a former Gamestop Assistant Store Manager. I was a manager from late 2007 to late 2008. I'm here to tell you that you SHOULD hate Gamestop. Their business practices are terrible. Their "deals" are terrible.

For all your used video game needs (because that's the last viable excuse they have to exist), please use eBay, Amazon, and other such wonderful online retailers.

TheTwelve3569d ago

The article basically says:

"Yes, Gamestop is corrupt. But so is everyone else so leave them alone."

Heck, if we actually accepted that, nobody would have any standards.


Bnet3433569d ago

Amazon and don't forget They have great deals. Shopping online is the way to go.

FlameBaitGod3569d ago

'GameStop use to be PRO, now its not(well its been a while)

SaiyanFury3569d ago

I never once exclaimed that I want GameStop gone. All I want them to do is clean up their business practises. Like selling an open copy of a game as new. By definition, a "new" game is a sealed, unopened copy of a game. If the game is opened and said seal removed, the game is no longer new. If you buy a brand new game from them, open it and remove the seal, and even though you've never played it, they'll only take it back as used. Seems to be kind of a double standard there.

Eddie201013569d ago

I would personally like them to change there practices rather than shut down.

1. I would like them to stop pushing used games over new, on several occasions I have asked for a game and they automatically get the used version without asking me and then when I say I want it new they give a song and dance about it, I don't buy used games because everyone gets screwed in the process except for the store buying and selling them, the gamer, the publisher, and the developer all lose from this practice. A retailer that sells new and used product together almost seems like a conflict of interest to me.

2. Stop opening new games and then selling them as new to the customers, if I buy a new game I want it to be new, sealed, never been played, you are charging me new price, I want new game. copies that the employees play are not new games they are used games.

3. Train there employees better, they are there to be salesman not fanboy's, I have seen employee's intentionally give false information to sell one item over the other, when it benefits the store in no way.
Give the employees information on all new products and make it mandatory that they read or get this information from the store manager.

I will not make a blanket statement about employee behavior, because some I have found to be very bad and some to be very good, but if management is doing there job much of the bad behavior would not exist.

I don't shop at Gamestop or EB very often, because it is such a grab bag of an experience, from getting a new, used or opened game, to getting good or bad information or knowing anything at all about what they are selling, its just not a very consistent experience and many times has been a bad experience.

kickaski3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

yesterday i was there with my friend when he was gonna but Rhythm Heaven but they said that it's for DSi only because of the dual touch screens. :-| we immediately walked over to Best Buy.

I don't know how as a company they could improve their employee intelligence, but stuff like this happens all the time.

raztad3569d ago

Guys please, I need some help. How do I know a game is new for certain? Have all of them a security seal? I got a copy of VC recently, but it hadnt any security seal on it, so it could be easily being a used one and re-wrapped in order to sell it as new.

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Unicron3569d ago

There's a difference between wanting to see the chain disappear, and wanting to see them held accountable for their questionable and often outright BS policies/ways. And yes, I'm a former employee too! The point stands, many things Gamestop does is just wrong for the consumer and often times the developer too, but they get record profits, so who cares?!

So no, I will not "stfu" thank you very much.

Imallvol73569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

You can say whatever you want about Gamestop, but I have never had a good experience in one. They alway make me feel uncomfortable and always have a dumb comment to make about my purchase. When I bought Socom for PS3 they asked me why I wasn't waiting on the 360 version. They give terrible buy back values. They sell used games as new. They badger me to preorder games. The list goes on and on.

Why the **** am I supposed to give them more chances?

Oh . . . and my number one reason to avoid Gamestop . . . AMAZON.COM!!!

locos853569d ago

This reminds me of the time when I was in a store and they asked the customer if they wanted GT5:Prologue for 360 or PS3... lol
Do these people even know what they are talking about?

cryymoar3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

the 360 version? what a tool, whoever said that.

But employees push the reservations because more reservations means more hours a week to work. Just like in any job, why pay someone for their service when another person does better service for the same price/pay?
Most people commenting in these threads are taking the Gamestop business practices a bit too personal, as if it is each individual employee making the business decisions. They just do what they are told to get the money to pay for their needs. Just like how if you live under someone else's house, you live under their rules. Well Gamestop employees work under corporate's house, so it's their rules. And if they don't abide by them, then they are out the door.

The only Gamestop practices that are questionable are the bad attitudes and customer service and fanboy biases, and the playing of new games and still selling as new. The bad attitude is kind of easy to figure out why, it's most likely because Gamestop pays so little. So there's no reason to have a positive attitude about working there. And like here in Texas, the employee reviews are due for pay increases, currently Gamestop pays the GA's only $6.55 (minimum wage) and their performance recorded on the review will be reflected on a pay increase. However, 100% of GA's, no matter how long they have worked there, will not see their pay go above $7.55, and guess what the new minimum wage is going to be in June, by law, here in the state of Texas? Yes, $7.55. So back to square one for the employee who has been there longer than a new hire or anyone new to the work force that gets minimum wage. Those greedy practices affect me, for I am a Gamestop employee there too. The only thing that keeps me there is 1). Employee Discount and 2). it's such a freaking easy job!! :]

but anyway, may these business practices not stop you from gaming on, just find a new retailer, or shop online, just game on! :]

The Lazy One3569d ago

most of them smell bad too :-X

punisher993569d ago

Gamestop does nothing but rob people blind. If you purchase a brand new game from them for 59.99. And then trade it in the very next day. They will only give you 25 to 30 bucks for it. And then they will turn around and sell that used game for 55.99.

table3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

thats fair enough though. why would they take it off you if they are not doing so to make a profit. Sell the game on ebay/amazon/playtrade if you dont like the value you are getting. GAME in the UK do things similar to gamestop but GAME has a 10 day return policy and from what i've read gamestop has no such option and their 'policies' are very shady. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

jagstatboy3569d ago

Gamestop is just one (of many) ways to get rid of your used games. Ebay, Amazon, Goozex, etc are others. I have tried all of these except Amazon and like them all. Sometimes Gamestop's tiered trade offer is good. Recently I traded in 6 old used games and got an extra 40% trade-in value for each game. Not too shabby if you ask me and I didn't have to take time to post an auction and drive to the post office to mail it.

Between trading in games at Gamestop and selling my DS Lite on ebay, I got a new DSi without shelling out any extra dough at all out of my pocket.

Nikuma3569d ago

And that 25/30$ is STORE CREDIT. If you want actual cash you'd probably get 15-20$ if you're lucky.(can't remember the exact % they they off for cash) So the money never really leaves the store. I can see selling the game back for a profit, but the profit margin they make is TOO big.

Gamestop also supports crime if you didn't know that. So many times while working there I've had people trade in stacks of the same brand new sealed game for a quick buck.(druggies)

cryymoar3569d ago

Gamestop takes off 20%.

and also, Gamestop does not condone stolen items for trade. If a customer bringing in trades mentions that he stole them, then its an automatic "NO-CAN-DO", cash or credit. That's also why there is a policy against taking in sealed games and consoles unless they bring an original receipt with that item. It's an LP issue and Gamestop wouldn't want another chain taking them to court because Gamestop knowingly takes in stolen merchandise. Gamestop employees cannot accuse somebody of theft and refuse the trade because of that accusation unless the customer mentions he/she stole it.

BWS19823569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Gamestop in the US has a 7 day return policy on used items, if that's what info you were looking for on our side of the pond. You'll hear of people even "renting for free" here, ie: they beat the game in 7 days, return it, and get another one to "rent for a week"....though, I like owning most of my games, so I've never done this...

I always seemed to meet up with fanboys in them whenever I have shopped there, I had one guy ridicule the hell out of me because I mentioned I didn't want to preorder Too Human last year because I planned on buying my PS3. Tool.

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geth1gh3569d ago

so selling them a game for $20 or less, and then they turn around and sell it for $55. thats not that bad?

gamestop can suck a fat one, they don't give a damn about games or gamers, they just want the paper.

cryymoar3569d ago

then uhm, why don't you do that practice even better? Would you waste your time buying a game for $50 then selling it back for $55? wow a $5 profit which took maybe a few days to a few weeks to find a buyer. It doesn't make any sense in a business aspect. take your games somewhere else or sell it by yourself. :]