Wii reaches 6 million worldwide in 4 months

Wii has been out for 17 weeks in the Americas, 2.37 million at a rate of 139,412 consoles per week on average. In Japan, Wii is estimated to be at 1.98 million in 15.5 weeks, an average of 132,000 per week and in Europe, Wii is estimated at 1.68 million, through 14.5 weeks, an average of 115,862 units per week. Well done to Wii across all regions!

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Lazyman5239d ago

That is great news for nintendo! But what happens when the sales slow down and dont have new IP's to keep it going?

ChickeyCantor5239d ago

what if that happens to the PS3?

the same thing that happend too the gamecube.
Wii has farmore support then the gamecube had, so im not worried about new IP's.

anthonsh5239d ago

I agree with Sidar.

With so many awesome games to look forward to (FFCC2!), I cant see the Wii hitting any sort of brick wall anytime soon.

shotty5239d ago

The wii target audience are casual gamers that usually pick up a few games a year so a massive amount of games aren't needed.

ALIEN5239d ago

Is the WII the one that it's going to win. This is scary, real scary!

Covenant5239d ago

Wiiii will...wiiii will....ROCK YOU! *thump thump clap* Wiiii will...wiiii will....ROCK YOU!

(Couldn't resist)

I'll buy one later this year, for myself and the family.

happygamer5239d ago

its cheap has nice fun games its going to keep selling.

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