Punch-Out!! to have exhibition mode, practice, challenges, unlockables

NintendoDpad reports: "There will be all new modes in Punch-Out!!, we already know of the multi-player mode but there will also be a exhibition mode where you can rematch any fighter of your choosing, as well as the ability to practice against holographic simulations of the boxers you can not seem to take down.

There will also be 3 challenges every fight that if successfully accomplished will unlock bonuses such as voice samples, music and much more."

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avantgarde843568d ago

this is good news but i still wish they had an online mode

Pennywise3568d ago

They really missed the boat this gen with online gaming.

My problem with fighting games in the past is it wasnt fun to play by myself and the only people that would fight me would give up... online with fighting games really brought life to the genre.