ZTGD Review: MLB 09: The Show

The Wombat writes: Sony's MLB The Show series has spent the last several seasons as the undisputed MVP of baseball simulations. This year proves no exception as MLB 09 turns in a stunning performance that builds on last year's already fantastic edition. SCE San Diego has made several tweaks to the basics to enhance the experience, and despite a couple nagging flaws, MLB 09 clearly continues the series' dominance.

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Damn! I wish I wasn't laid off so I could afford this game. I have to stick with 08. Yankees all day!

locos853565d ago

I love this game. There are some dumb bugs but game is great. I'm on this everyday. Go Marlins!! 5-1

icup23565d ago

Another day another AAA title for ps3 owners

what 360 owners got, oh right waiting for E3.

icup23565d ago

Oh how i remember the XBOTS calling the ps3 have no games or AAA games, now all they play all are meh games.