Bilkent tech to make DVDs with 1,000 times more capacity

Today's Zaman:
The Bilkent University Nanotechnology Research Center (NANOTAM) has developed a new technology that enables DVDs to store more than a thousand times as much data as those currently on the market.

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-MoOkS-3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

teh blu rayz disc haz teh 50gigz capacitee'z !!!111!1!one!11!!! LOL

Yet another piece of evidence that prove's blu ray is unnessecary.
If only $ony realised this instead of being greedy.
They sacrificed 1st place in the console market, for a stupid disc. They only used the ps3 as a tool to dominate the HD disc era....they don't care about the gamers, or they would have made the console accessable to the masses and kept exclusive franchises.

ActionBastard3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Haha. The fact that this tech is 3 yrs too late doesn't spring to mind does it?

EDIT: The kind of advantages 360 only owning "gamers" are unable to see. Sorry.

-MoOkS-3572d ago

What noticable advantages has blu ray contributed to gaming???

nix3572d ago

good for you.. you didn't notice anything. as they say, ignorance is a bliss.

DFogz3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

There's no way this will be applied to gaming anyways. According to the article they said your "standard" DVD has a maximum capacity of 50-100GB's
So 1000x that would be 50-100TB's!

First of all, your standard DVD's hold 4.7GB worth of information, not somewhere between 50 and 100 GB's. This is all just a scam to get people riled up.

edit: One last thing, the in last line of the article it says the center is 250 square meters!! That's almost 2,700 square feet!! No way this is real

Gue13572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Then you should say the same to Micro$hift when they were backing up the HD-DVD... This is what they get for pushing more crap into the market, Failure, RRoD, etc.

Lucreto3572d ago

Tales of Vesperia would like to say hi.

Double the amount of voice acting in the PS3 version with extra characters and scenes. There is your contribution.

-MoOkS-3572d ago

Microsoft didn't force HD DVD on us like $ony FORCED blu-ray on every ps3 owner. The ps3 wouldnt be in the mess it is today if greedy $ony didnt force a built in blu-ray drive on us.

ActionBastard3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Damn you Sony! Damn you forcing the winning HD disc format down my throat! The Dark Knight is awful! Planet Earth sucks! I need SD Netflix streaming!

EDIT: "They could have easily added that content on the 360 version."

That's why they did, right? Also Tales was a flop...on the 360. Watch the PS3 sales puppet.

-MoOkS-3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

They could have easily added that content on the 360 version.
The only reason it has more content on the ps3 is because they want to make ps3 owners buy was a flop btw

Sooo.....I'll ask again. What noticable advantages has blu ray contributed to gaming???

EDIT: LOL so true soda.

EDIT AGAIN: Lucerto, don't you know what content means? that includes the voice stuff. HAHAHA mandatory installs is the only thing blu-flop has contributed, because it has such poor data reading speeds ROFL.

DelbertGrady3572d ago

"What noticable advantages has blu ray contributed to gaming?"

Mandatory installs ;)

Lucreto3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

It did well for being on the wrong machine.

I laughted that you didn't mention the extra voice acting the 360 didn't have. That is more important than the extra characters and scenes. There I say again is blu-rays contribution.

There is nothing wrong with mandatory installs. If it improves the game all the better. It idea was so good MS has given you the choice on the 360.

rawd3572d ago

Mooks is a sad panda who can't afford a true next gen system. So solly

Mikerra173572d ago

you do know that to be able to play this disk you would need soemthing that would cost 3 times as much as a bluray player and im being generous

I feel bad for Mooks because he typed before he thought, it happeneds to the best of us, now he has to deal with defending himself with useless info

shadow-sentinel3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

RAGE negates all your arguments MoOks.

DVD for the win right?!?! xD

Oh Sony doesn't care about games?! I know I'll be enjoying my PS3 this year.

Uncharted 2
Tales of Vesperia WITH EXTRAS thanks to Blu-Ray.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 WITH EXTRAS thanks to Blu-ray.

cryymoar3572d ago

the beauty that is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patiots - 50GB
Killzone 2 - 25GB

most PS3 exclusive games surpass DVD9's capacity, that's a fact.

Also, Street Fighter 4's bonus movie was a standard definition DVD for you poor xbots. You also got a faulty D-Pad. HAHAHAHA Microsoft asked you to bend over and you complied so easily!

Snake Raiser3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

I came to this story hoping an xbox fanboy would say just that! LOL really, think for one moment! Blu-ray DVD's. Blu-ray is a type of DVD first of all (could this be a new type of blu-ray?). And besides, this would make a game console cost about $$$100000000000000000000000000 dollars... Oh BTW every body!!! This random xbox fanboy joined the site two years ago. That explanes a whole lot. He is just using the insults he used to be able to use. That comment about slow blu-ray tipped me off that he must be in the past. Even if you don't like the PS3 you have to admit that PS3 load times aren't bad.

Obama3572d ago

dumb bots, the 360 will be using dvd-9 in its lifetime. Mark my words.

psycho3603571d ago

@^^^ osama

Doesnt matter if 360 uses dvd9 in its lifetime. We get 95% better MP games, better online features, same content in 99% of MP games, almost same level of graphics in exclusives so what's the harm? Not to mention we can stream HD movies through our pcs, and also watch movies through netflix.

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Elven63572d ago

Interesting, I hope its not like that one guy who said he found a way to store trilobytes of data on what was essentially paper but they found out it was a scam.

IcarusOne3572d ago

It's rare to find a news article on N4G that's actually worth reading. I'm interested to see where this tech goes and how (un)affordable it will be.

Marcelles253572d ago

they said an average dvd holds 50-100 gb while they only hold 9 and they said the center is 250 SQ. METERSSSS
come on think about it guys, come on think think.....

rockleex3572d ago

"Özbay said a normal DVD has a maximum capacity of 50 to 100 gigabytes and that they will increase this by at least a thousand times."

DVD's can hold 50 to 100 gigs? WTF. O_o

sukru3572d ago

If you read the entire article, they are talking about Blu-Rays.

However, the reporter - probably somebody not educated in technology - thinks about Blu-Rays as DVDs.

masterg3572d ago

Im not going to bother reading this.
Every year some one makes a claim like this. It never happens.

theEnemy3571d ago

even if Blu-Ray is the one he's talking about, only 50GB is the maximum of a blu-ray disc.

The 400GB is just a prototype though.

N4Flamers3571d ago

from the article

"The new technology permits a far smaller notch to be etched on the DVD surface with a wider wavelength. It is expected to offer a higher definition than the currently used advanced optical formats such as Blu-ray."

they mention BRD so it's not like they dont know about it. I think the guy meant to write 5- 10 gigs on a dvd. He might have just added an extra zero which makes more sense than adding an extra 25 gigs to a BRD.

Microsoft Xbox 3603571d ago

Seems to me like the old HD-DVD fanboys are all excited with this news.

Microsoft Xbox 3603571d ago

Just give it up you dumb f**king HD-DVD fanboys. You lost, let it go. You don't need to be excited with this because it isn't going to succeed.

3571d ago
Elven63571d ago

Microsoft Xbox 360: Leave your fanboyism at the door please, technological advances are a big deal no matter where they come from or for what they are.

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Lucreto3572d ago

I am sure it is expensive though and a new machine would be needed to run them due to the lazer needed to read the smaller pieces of data.

Anon19743572d ago

Also, I imagine with that much data crammed onto a dvd I imagine they'd be extra prone to dirt and disc damage.

Still, worth keeping an eye on.

Tempist3572d ago

Yes you would need a modified Red Laser reader (which will probably be hella expensive as compared with Blu-Ray).

In addition, DVDs will have to be re-engineered to be as durible as they made Blu-rays to prevent scratching (since you'd have upto 1000x more to lose)

And finally, no mention of costs involved which is already troubling.

Mindboggle3572d ago

This whole news is irrelevent, new technology is made every week...But probably will never be mass produced for at least 10 years as its not financially possible...

Blu ray for example was invented in the late 90's but its only just become financially viable for companies to produce.

RememberThe3573572d ago

I'm with you on that. It would take a SERIOUS financial investment to get this out to the mass market.

I'm thinking that this is just an experiment into what can be done. And there nothing wrong with that, these type of things always lead to newer and better technologies.

Calvin_ISA3572d ago

Shhh.. Be quiet. There's a disagree troll afoot. D:

-On Topic-
If this happens anytime in the next couple years, it's gonna cost too much to even make profits on.. :S It's interesting to see where tech is going though.

hitthegspot3572d ago

They could take this furher if the disks cost less than Blu-ray...

IaMs123572d ago

This would be a great addition to the next Xbox which would blow away Blu-Ray. Storage wise... great incentive for MS but is it worth it?

dcbronco3572d ago

There has always been an argument that red lasers could be better with advancements in the reader head. This sounds like they have found an advancement. I'm not sure what their cost would be, but I can't imagine it being that much higher than DVD because it's just an upgrade.

“We have created a magical material which enables rays to pass through a very small point,” the NANOTAM head noted.

That sounds like an improvement on the reader.

“We will be able to see new-age DVDs that can store a huge amount of data,” he said, underlining that they expect to commence mass production with a local company;

That sounds like they're far closer to market than some here believe. But the belief that they want it to be a local company might mean it would take a few years to get things going if they plan to stick to that. If the technology works, they would have no problem getting finance. I'm sure Microsoft and Toshiba would be more than happy to offer money for a region. Toshiba=Asia, Microsoft=North America or just personal use and the inventors keep Europe. Microsoft would love to keep Sony in a hole. This would guarantee Blu-ray never gets a chance.

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drewsny3572d ago

now we are going to stay in the physical distribution age with games instead of moving forward, why nit try to make a 10 terabyte Hard drive so that we could store all of our games digitally.

hitthegspot3572d ago

With the trend in storage we will be there in 2011...

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

Also, not a lot of people have 160Mbs internet. Damn, AT&T is charging me for 6Mbs (though it's actually slow looks good on paper though) while people in Japan can get 160Mbs... lame.

Monkey5213571d ago

I get 30 Mbs internet because of a special deal with my building (for college students). It is really nice.

TruthbeTold3572d ago

then there's not much value there. Too little too late.