EEDAR: Chinatown Wars performance proves mature DS games 'risky'

Leigh Alexander from Gamasutra writes:

"Is it a poor profit proposition to release an M-rated DS title? EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich thinks so, estimating that GTA: Chinatown Wars sold only 200,000 units in March, less than many expected.

"It appears the industry may have been over-zealous with initial expectations on how GTA: Chinatown Wars would perform based upon the news it had received one of the highest quality scores for a Nintendo DS title," says Divnich."

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rekonizakilla3570d ago

I wonder what liberty/vice city stories sold in there 1st month?
Anyway I think it's quite clear that there are two different audiences currently targeted in the hand held market.

raztad3570d ago

Dont forget that current DS userbase is way bigger that PSP's when Liberty/vice city stories were released. Said that, GTA on the PSP has performed quite well. It's to be expected, a mature gaming platform for mature players. Profesor Layton, Cooking Grandmamma, Brain training and mario bros are the games parents buy for their kids.

Microsoft Xbox 3603570d ago

I'm guessing the hardcore gamers who own a DS, downloaded the game instead.

Mr Face Creamer3570d ago

After the MadWorld flunk, the flunk oh HOTD, and GTA:CW ... Its obvious that nobody really cares about games with a bit of violence, then again Rockstar was having high expectations if they though they could sell a DS title in the millions.

Making a DS game is a 100x cheaper than making a 360/PC/PS3 game, I'm sure that sales will improve eventually.

jagstatboy3570d ago

Resident Evil and Demenitum: The Ward. Both are really fun. Don't have GTA though.

Thoreau3570d ago

that seems about right.

raztad3570d ago

But you know, it's really sad. GTA:CW looks like a very fun game. Rockstar did a great job with it. Maybe Nintendo lure them with false premises of some untapped DS mature market.

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