Why OnLive Will Fail

The new remote PC gaming service sounds too good to be true... because it is.

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italianbreadman3571d ago

I truly hope OnLive is a success.

sofresh2003571d ago

OnLive's success will only make Sony, Nintendo, and M$ try even harder to give us quality products and service.

Tito Jackson3571d ago

They already made a big deal out of it, they wouldnt have gone thru that much trouble if they were planning on delivering. sometimes its nice to have people doubt you, it makes their tears of defeat more fun to laugh at :)

Pennywise3571d ago

I just cant see streaming full size games being successful.

urban bohemian3571d ago

I Think you might be right, I just Hope you're wrong!

I think you could stream HD games via an ethernet cable, but online is going to be tough.

Would definately save buying graphics cards for pc gaming though!

rambi803571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Amazon has a gold box video games event today. Check it out cause one of the games SEEMS to be fallout3 (based on clues they give).

And BTW any technology that can spare me the usual PC & console expenses (Certain HDDs and wifi add-ons that i won't name come to mind) is welcome

locos853571d ago

Why are people always so negative and want everything to fail?? I don't like the idea of playing my games through a server instead of my house, but if it works more power to them.

Tito Jackson3571d ago

I'd like to think mine is a close second though.

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peeps3571d ago

how many of these articles have there been. getting so boring now :/

cain1413571d ago

Yea it was sorta the big thing at GDC this year...

Personally, I'm not really to interested in it yet...

peeps3571d ago

even if it was the biggest thing at GDC theres no need for atricle after article of "why it will fail" which alwats states the same reasons lol

-MoOkS-3571d ago

I can't see it failing anymore than the ps3 already has tbh.

II Necroplasm II3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I see N4B failing more than anything

d0nT wOrrY3571d ago


you forgot Fixme180,Zune,Exclusive service RRod,E71,E74 lolololoolll

ops, how is fixme doing in Japan and Europe? what are you playin now? 2 years old flops? haha

SWANN3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I can't see Onlive failing more than your stupid comment & your way of thinking, you idiot!!!!

-MoOkS-3571d ago

You forgot flopstation 3, yellow light of death, disc read errors, 80029945 error, 80029946 error, 80029301 error, 80029516 error, 80710A06 error, 8003041F error, 80010006 error, 80010007 error, 710102 error, 8013030 error, 80010001 error...there is atleast 20 more errors I could list. LOL.

Hows the ps3 doing in USA??
360 is outselling the ps3 in EVERY country but japan ROFL

And i'm playing Resi5, streetF4, GTAIV, Halo wars...ALL of them have better graphics and load faster on the Xbox 360.

You just got owned BAD. Go and play your ErrorStation might have to wait 2 hours for the game to install though

punisher993571d ago

Actually 360 owners should be the ones concerned about failing. The xbox 360 is the cheapest console on the market and it still cant outsell the wii. Thats really sad in my opinion. And the PS3 has a lot more 1st party support than the 360 has. That means a lot more exclusives for the PS3 than the 360 because 3rd party developers are no longer doing exclusives.

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d0nT wOrrY3571d ago

only time will tell.

another stupid article about same stupid thing.

CaulkSlap3571d ago

I HOPE it works and succeeds. But I think it's going to not work worth a crap and fail miserably.

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