Bear Hugger, Don Flamenco confirmed for Punch-Out!! Wii

Game Informer got the goods on two more classics returning in Punch-Out!! Wii. The article also contains a few details about how the fighters are bringing the pain this time around.

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Sharpshell3566d ago

in GI, and I have to say thaqt this game looks more and more interesting... it would be better with mike tyson though

ThatArtGuy3566d ago

Mike Tyson in 1987 = An intimidating threat.
Mike Tyson in 2009 = An insult.

Marceles3566d ago

Nice, Bear Hugger was one of the most fun fights on Super Punch-Out. Don Flamenco...well...*crickets*, still a classic character though

fishermanofwar3566d ago

seriously... thy are just rehashing the same game....with a coat of paint

MmaFanQc3566d ago

"Canadian Bear Hugger!!!"
it was a fun fight, easy but fun.

DlocDaBudSmoka3566d ago

personally i dont want to play all the same games each gen. i mean i'll always have love for Nintendo, but dont we deserve something new AND different? not just new backgrounds for the same tired gameplay mechanics.