PS2 is past, Xbox 360 is present and future: Microsoft India

Microsoft has faced many challenges in India but when it launched the Xbox 360, they knew the test was a big one. It's been a long time since the launch of the Xbox 360 in India and (GG) decided to have a world with Jaspreet Bindra, the Regional Director at Microsoft E&D Division in India. Here is the whole interview:

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Genesis53567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

The 360 is more for the hear and now. It was not really designed for the future. No I don't hate the 360 I just think it will start to show it's age.

The PS2 is almost 10 years old. It had a good run.

ThanatosDMC3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

PS2 has tons of great games. It's hard to ignore it for those that never had it before.

I wish Drakan: The Ancient Gates has a next gen sequel...

JokesOnYou3567d ago

PS2 sales are amazing, great job for sony and its great console for those who bought it when it launched and it still remains a affordable option for casuals looking for a cheap gaming. The thing is speaking only for myself I don't need a gaming platform for 10yrs, 5 or 6 yrs is enough with the way that tech advances I'll always want a newer console, I haven't touched my ps2 or my xbox (gave them to my nephews) since 360 arrived, and when the next round of consoles come out I'll be busy playing them, don't get me wrong I get a little nostalgic every now and then, but BC compatibility still isn't important to me, I think I played 2 old titles on my 360 just to check them out, I do like the concept of DL old Arcade titles on 360 and psn but again its something I spend alot of time with. Now I fully understand the importance to the company with having longevity but I do believe alot of 360 fanbase aren't the typing of gamers hoping that are looking to play games on the level of 360 and ps3 for the next 10 yrs when we know PC games will be waaaay beyond whats possible on these current consoles, NO I'll glady buy the next xbox or ps3 in a few years, but maybe thats just me.


Anon19743567d ago

I'm sure I read MS was pulling out of India. Ah, here we are.

Looks like despite the "dismal sales" in India they haven't pulled out completely, and they just last week look like they introduced the arcade there. I can't imagine the PS3 is doing any better. It must be PS2 territory, otherwise why would this guy choose to mention the PS2 instead of the PS3?

ChampIDC3567d ago

Heck, good games are still coming out for the PS2. The 360 could maybe do the same thing if MS supports it, but they might just dump on it again like they did with the Xbox. Of course, it'll never sell as well as the PS2, but it could be around that long at least.

twoface3567d ago

As we are speaking, PS3 and 360 are around 3 and 4 years into their life respectively.
As we are speaking, these consoles are just starting out in some parts of the world.

10 years is not a long time in the present context. Probably 7-8 years is more likely, but 10 years is not being unrealistic.

Killjoy30003567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Funny because the Xbox is way more of an artifact of the past than the PS2 will ever be lol.

I understand his point, but it's not as if Sony doesn't have a firm grip on PS3 this year. Last time I checked, there wasn't much coming for 360 in 2009.

prunchess3567d ago

MS are counting on piracy to eek a last couple of years and a few dollars more out of the 360?

cmrbe3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Its the way MS operates. Look at Vista and Windows 7 as an example.

@JokesOnYou.I agree that most x360 fans will not want to stick to playing a console for ten years as the x360 crowd imo are more hardcore gamers than the PS crowd as the PS crowd is very diverse as alot of them are spread around different region unlike the xbox fanbase which is mostly from the west. This also explains why FPS and online gameing is a big factor why x360 is favoured in the west.

Sony understand the global gameing market better than MS. Its true that most hardcore gamers and gamers in developed countries in particular such as yourself and alot of x360 gamers will most likely move to a next gen system within 2 years of release but the bulk of other gamers from developing countries mainly will not migrate until the current gen systems and games are affordable to them, meaning no migrating until 5-7 years after current gen systems have been released. Sony understand this and is why they have their 10 year plan for their consoles. The 10 year plan is a plan to cover as many type of gamers as possible and not just those in developed countries.

HolyOrangeCows3567d ago

No crap, Sherlock (MS). The Ps2 is 10 years old and has an amazing line up of games.

...and Saddam was NOT found in the debris!

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Spike473567d ago

Anyway, I agree with Genesis, Sony consoles are more..."future proof".

edhe3567d ago


The only issue i'd see with the 360 in India is ... well, they going to sell it with it's own AC unit ?

Or what ?

MicroSony4Life3567d ago

why dont you ask your self, how much ps3's are selling in india.

RememberThe3573567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Maybe because this isn't about the PS3...

Elven63567d ago

No joke, any console past the Genesis/PS1 is NOT selling well in India, you can see Genesis consoles for sale in almost every store in India. Funny thing is they come in the old box but they are not official consoles from the looks of it, possibly licensed out ones made by a third party.

Why is the Genesis doing so well? Because thanks to Chinese pirates you can get 100 on 1 Genesis cartridge discs and the fact that the Asian market is still developing for the system at a steady pace.

The PS1 is also a pretty common site but piracy on the system is pretty rampant, almost all the games would find for it in a majority of shops are pirated. I assume the PS1's sold in India are mostly modded or else it would make many of the games useless.

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Hellsvacancy3567d ago

So then y is the 360 bein out-sold by the Ps2 in sum regions?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3567d ago (GG) decided to have a world with Jaspreet Bindra, the Regional Director at Microsoft E&D Division in India. Here is the whole interview:

"I wish i was working for SONY" he said.

The End ;-D

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