Editorial: The current state of DLC

Downloadable content, more commonly referred to as DLC, has become a promising and exciting aspect of the current generation of home consoles for gamers. Although PC gamers have enjoyed the benefit of prolonging their experience with games and DLC for many years now, it wasn't until the original Xbox came along for console gamers to have a taste of the sensation.

However, DLC has found itself at the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons one too many times this generation. Especially in these times of global economic hardship, gamers want to feel like the content has earned their dollar more than ever. Some content would be included on the disk in previous generations, where gamers could unlock them by completing challenges. These small awards are now exploited and kept for aftermarket sale from Xbox Live and PSN for ridiculous prices. It's not just new games either; classic arcade titles receive minor graphical updates and are then ported and sold at a premium price.

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