Benchmark Reviews: Thrustmaster Run-N-Drive PC/PS3 Wireless Gamepad

Benchmark Reviews: As the executive editor for Benchmark Reviews, I don't often get to enjoy the products I test since my project workload receives my full-time concentration. But back in March (2009) Benchmark Reviews celebrated two years on the web and I felt like letting our writing staff take charge while I relax for a low-key break from the action. Since testing computer hardware products is a PC-centric task, I've never wandered very far from what I know. But after writing my editorial Year In Review: 2008 Computer Hardware Industry Failure it seemed wrong not to taste the forbidden fruit... so I purchased a Sony PlayStation 3.

Like most things I do in life, my PS3 acquisition was overdone. I didn't go and just purchase the system with a few games, oh-no. I must shamefully admit that I leapt into the world of console gaming entirely head first. Aside from the PS3 system, which quickly received an Editors Choice Award-winning Solid State Drive upgrade, I also purchased nearly two-dozen games and a Blu-ray remote control.

So what was missing, besides the time needed to enjoy myself? Well, for starters, I had a horde of games and only one controller. Several of the titles were multi-player capable, and more than anything I wanted to beat-up my friends at VirtuaFighter or Tekken. Once that got old, I decided to mix up the genre and challenge them to racing games such as Gran Turismo and Need for Speed. In the end, I discovered that my fighting skill was far superior to my racing skill... and I needed an edge.

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