Examiner: Killzone 2 review part 1: first impressions

Examiner: In a rare display of magnanimity, Gamefly has graced me with a title that's actually-somewhat-kind-of -close-to new: Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2. I was hoping to plug out a full review of this much-hyped FPS in celebration, but my schedule has been cramped and in three days I've only been able to get through about an hour and a half of the main campaign. As such, I'll just give a few of my first impressions, and make whatever corrections or additions are needed another day, when I've made further progress.

Summing up, so far Killzone 2 has been something of a let-down. I'm hoping that either the next few hours of the campaign can pick up the pace, or the as-yet unexplored multiplayer content can save the whole package. I'll let you know in a few days.

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Muppetmeat3565d ago

A whole month after the release and an entire hour and a half of single player gameplay before the "review". Good thing you didn't give yourself time to adjust to the controls, try out all the weapons, multiplayer, upgrades, badges, tactics, and abilities, or you might have liked it.
If you weren't just a fanboy with a blog, I'd say your boss should fire you. But since you aren't actually a real video game review site and you have to wait for Gamefly to send you a copy for review, at least we know you're not actually a legit video game critic.

p.s. You need a shave, you look like the Geico caveman.

get2sammyb3565d ago

What the hell is this Examiner site? They seem to have taken Hip Hop Gamers top shot for article spamming.

myothercar3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

TYPICAL: He has a hard time getting a hang of the controls, and thinks it's nothing more than a pretty looking game.

And is it a little odd that he gets his review copy from GAMEFLY?

Yet another oddity: Why is he in such a rush to judge the game already? He's a couple months behind everyone else, so he's missed the train anyway. He's only played 1:30 into the game and he's already decided that it's all the controls' fault. You don't REALLY get the hang of the controls until a few hours in, then everything clicks. And lol @ him complaining about pressing L1 to melee. He COULD use R3 if he wanted, but I assume he would rather it be a face button like Circle ala Halo-- the irony in that is, you have to take your thumb off the look stick! This guy's just a whiny Killzone hater.

Another thing he complained too much about was the recoil. The idiot does know how to use short, controlled bursts. Has this douche even played an FPS before?

redsquad3565d ago

Not sure how he can use "first impressions" and "review" in the same breath.

man0fsteel3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

wow - freaking play the whole game first, and get used to the mechanics before you state your claims... even if it is part "1 of 2"... Every game has a learning curve, you can't just pick up and play.

Being able to use big words and being able to post on a public generated news site does not make you a reviewer... This guy truly does not understand all of the fundamentals of reviewing