Report: Netflix Hiring To Extend Console Streaming

It appears that Netflix is to expand its presence on video game consoles even further. By way of a new job listing, Gamasutra has learned the video rental service is seeking a high-level "Engineering Leader" with "deep experience developing and testing media rich applications on current generation gaming consoles."

The posting asks for experience developing games on current-gen consoles, the better to understand their "technical hurdles."

"Expect to help build a small technology team to rapidly prototype and iterate on a variety of platforms," says the posting, which also says the candidate will lead a "small team with a huge mandate."

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GWAVE3568d ago

First, we were told "I bought my console for the GAMEZ, not for the movies!" when the PS3 came out.

Then it was "Hah! HD-DVD will be the clear victor over Blu Ray!!!"

Then it was "HD-DVD lost? Who cares? I bought my console for the GAMEZ, not for the movies!"

Then it was "Netflix? Sweet! Look at all these movies I can watch on my system! Skip Blu Ray! Hah hah!"

Now it'll be "Netflix? Who cares? At least we still have cross-game chat!"