Eurogamer: Top Ten Future WiiWare Games:

Eurogamer writes:

"I've just got back from an exciting four-hour holiday in Germany. I went to Frankfurt, where I was guided into a room full of televisions and allowed to play some of WiiWare's upcoming titles.

The brief was to write "a couple of paragraphs" on everything that was new and exciting, I rebelled against the dogmatic remits of interest and quality, and decided to produce this, an unforgivably overlong top ten. It's an abuse of the infinity of the internet, and a violation of the patience of Eurogamer readers. If it's any consolation to you, the viewer who has suffered my babble for even this opening paragraph, I feel obliged to say that I didn't get paid for the last two thousand words. I did it because I love you.

So, here's the top ten WiiWare games I played on my holiday in Frankfurt."

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