Nvidia sells its G98 for US $9.99

Nvidia has started selling its genuine G98 GPU for US $9.99 at its online shop.

Of course, the GPU is encased in a 1.5-inch clear lucite block, and can be used as a geekiest key chain, but again you get a real Nvidia G98 GPU. We doubt that this one is a working GPU but then again we don't know if it can be pulled out of that block.

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Tito Jackson3569d ago

I want one of these, and I am seriously considering ordering one.
If its the real deal, then its functional--but what does that matter? Its still a [email protected]$$ keychain.

Royantk3569d ago

Too bad they arn't shipping outside of the US... =/

PS360PCROCKS3569d ago

you want to walk around with a graphics chip on your keychain? Ya, I bet you slay the ladies.

FlameBaitGod3569d ago

@PS360WiiRocks just because some 1 likes something doesn't mean anything about them. You can be a laddies man and love sponge bob.

PS360PCROCKS3569d ago

I love spongebob, but I don't have T-shirts or keychains. Hell I have tigger slippers from when I was 12. Any guy walking around with that on his keychain will get laughed at by a girl.

Tito Jackson3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Women are impressed by intelligence. But your lack of it, would explain why you would make such a comment. Lol.

NERDS, on the other hand, are intelligent, bumbling fools, who live with their grandma's, and dont dress very well, and arent very clean cut. They often snort when laughing, and lack the social skills to even approach an attractive woman. They are often weak, and defenseless---and lack self-esteem. Perhaps maybe you were referring to them?

Sorry bud. Try again.

FantasyStar3569d ago

I personally would not get one because my pockets are full enough.

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cryymoar3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )


edit: actually Sony should have a CELL PPU key chain for sale. I'd buy that in a heart beat! Great way to show off my loyalty to the Playstation (3).