It Appears That The Sims 3 Is Very Important To Electronic Arts

You may be unaware that The Sims 3 is out in June. But that's OK. You are not EA's intended audience. Those guys, well, those guys should by now be very aware.

Because it would seem that Electronic Arts have been busy over the past couple of weeks covering what looks like every building in the continental United States with Sims 3 posters.

With most other games EA put out last year contributing to the company losing a ton of money, we're getting the idea that it's hoped people will buy lots and lots of copies of Sims 3.

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LorD3571d ago

I'm tasked with buying a copy for my wife when it comes out.

At least it means she approves of upgrading my gaming rig so she can play sims on our 46' lcd. :D

Tempist3571d ago

Given that some of the Ads Sport the 360 logo, get it for that instead. Guess MS was helping out to substidse these ads.

dreamtheater873571d ago

Are you suggesting the console iterations of The Sims are comparable to the PC versions? The console versions have all been very basic spin offs, whilst the pc version is the definite version with huge sandbox gameplay and a ton of user created content.

Tito Jackson3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Should be a lot of fun, and i dont think there is any shame in advertising on grand scale.

Shes a keeper. Avoid divorce at all cost, bud. :)

IzKyD13313571d ago

Holy crap, Sims ads have taken over New York

ARog343571d ago

...the Sims games.

But, it's hard to play after being involved in the environment of Home. I understand they're wayyy different. BUT, I lost the feel for the Sims games :(

I'll def look out for it, I didn't enjoy the console versions as much as the PC versions (maybe improvements to go online?)

dkblackhawk3571d ago

that is definitely one way to promote the game. I still have always loved the sims and can't wait for this one to come out :D

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