Growing Up At Last?

Byron Atkinson-Jones @ Gamasutra: "There's no doubt about it, for the most part working on games is fun. I've worked as a programmer for companies that had nothing to with games and while the jobs were fulfilling I could have hardly described them as 'fun'.

What makes them fun? For me it's the atmosphere. Being around many creative people coming up with a game that others will find fun brings with it a certain bonding that I just haven't seen in the non-game world. We constantly make fun of each other and it's not unknown to throw things at each other in jest.

I bought Mark Morris (Introversion's CEO) a plastic shotgun that fires foam darts for a christmas present so now when you go into Introversion's offices you can expect to be fired upon. It's all part of the fun and atmosphere of working for a very creative company and I must admit I like it.

Except it's not all fun is it? Sometimes the fun goes wrong and when it does it goes badly wrong. What one person interprets as a harmless jibe another can interpret it as a personal insult and in an environment where this goes on all the time it can easily be overlooked."

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