1up previews Ninja Gaiden Sigma

1UP previews Ninja Gaiden Sigma with exclusive hands-on with Rachel. New screens!

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MikeGdaGod4759d ago

the full preview, screenshots, and video

Double-Edged4759d ago

I just bought Ninja Gaiden Black for the x-box... Got it for $9.99
gonna play it on my 360 and just remember how goo dthis game is..

PS3 fans will enjoy. KUDOS!!!!

Now waiting for Ninja Gaiden 2.

techie4759d ago

any news on when ng2 is coming out?

Double-Edged4759d ago

nope sorry...
all I know is that it's commin to the Xbox360.
look it up in IGN or something... or wikipedia.

highps34759d ago

Didnt people say that couldnt be done?

Im so hyped for this game!

techie4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Ridge Racer 7, a launch game, was 60fps 1080p. Tis still surprising for this game with so much going on n stuff.

Rasp: Would I be? I like Prince of persia, god of war - really want heavenly sword...will ninja gaiden be for me?

JOLLY14759d ago

It's a very hard game. A lot of people didn't like it because they felt like they weren't good gamers. The game (NG1 or black) is very hard and totally awesome. When you beat it you actually feel like you have accomplished something. I would say go for it, but that's just my little opinion.

*Edit*-sweet I got another bubble

Rasputin20114759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

I have never been a big fan of the Ninja Gaiden series...

Edit: "Contra26"<--- I have only played like 10 mins of Ninja Gaiden before in my life and honestly were the f#$k do you get off telling me I am NOT a "REAL GAMER"? have basically spit in my face and that really pisses me before you start posting pompous comments you should take notice that the majority of the people on this site don't even know each other personally all they see is an avatar and comments and in my opinion if people are NOT TRUE GAMERS THEN THEY HAVE NO REASON TO BE ON NEWS FOR GAMERS!

Contra264759d ago

cuz you guys aint real gamers.. if you can't beat this game... you should stick to shinobi for the ps2

Loopy4759d ago

Being a huge fan of Ninja Gaiden, Sigma is the only title I'm really looking forward to. The main attractiveness in NG is how good the gameplay and mechanics are. You cannot just get in and mash at buttons and win. You need skills to beat the game, and that's what really sets it apart from other games such as DMC or God of War (which is good too, but not as rewarding as NG IMHO). It makes the game feel more realistic and challenging.
I'm pretty sure they'll include a Master Ninja difficulty, and possibly a Master Fiend ? ;)

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