x360a: The Godfather II Review

x360a writes: "Making a list of cool game characters is not too hard: you just know ninjas would be on there, so would assassins, probably pirates too and, I suspect, mafia wise-guys might just sneak in there too. There is something strangely cool about guys who call their own shots, despite (or maybe because of) the fact they are clearly criminals. In terms of the Godfather you could kind of relate to what the mafia was doing, as regardless of their criminal behaviour, they also lived by a strict, almost honorable code too. Family came first and the rest, well, the rest took a hike. The first Godfather game did a fairly decent job, but it was never going to become Don, so with the sequel now upon us the question remains – can it muscle its way to the top or is it doomed to end up sleeping with the fishes?

Developed by EA, the game has a lot to live up to, especially considering the fact that it's based on arguably the greatest film of all time (not my personal choice, so no hate mail)..."

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